Big Cheers to Gold Medal Winning Beers!

(Fernie, BC) - And a host of other beer related goings on…

It’s been a great, if slightly speedy summer, for Fernie Brewing Co. A new and increasingly popular product, Lone Wolf IPA hit the shelves in June; tastings galore throughout BC; some great Festivals both of the music and beer variety; many fantastic new accounts in Alberta and draft now available in the Lower Mainland. That’s just to name a few. 2012 was indeed a busy summer.

So with fall’s brisk arrival and even brisker departure into snow covered windscreens and wood stoves, winter landed abruptly at the door of 26 Manitou Road, Fernie, BC. Along with the start of the Brewery extension, having literally burst at the seams. Certainly exciting developments are a brewing, with almost enough room to swing a cat. For now. New tanks and chillers will remove all space for cat swinging soon enough…

October 26th saw the 2012 Fernie Chamber of Commerce Community & Business Excellence Awards, an annual event which showcases but a few of the many deserving individuals and businesses in Fernie. Fernie Brewing Co. was lucky enough to be nominated for the 2012 Business of the Year Award and was delighted to come home with a beautiful trophy! Thanks to Fernie for their continuous support, everyone who voted, fellow nominees Yama 2 Go and Claris Media and to the Chamber for a great evening.

As Fernie Brewing Co. expands its wings and enjoys the celebrations (with an FBC beer), it cozies up and prepares for winter. Waving off golf season with a sigh, welcoming ski haven accounts galore, along with the return of wintry products to satisfy any beer aficionado after a long day in the cold. The return of the Sap Sucker – Maple Porter 650ml bottle is quickly replacing the short stint of Pumpkin Head – Brown Ale, which flew off the shelves and into the arms of many eagerly expecting Pumpkin fans, like magic.

But, the spotlight has been elsewhere of late, after FBC’s Big Caboose Red Ale choo choo’d its way home with a Gold Medal from the BC Brewing Awards. Each October, as part of Craft Beer Month, Brewery Creek hosts the BC Craft Beer Awards and the CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) Vancouver Cask Festival, celebrating a whole host of traditional beers from every nook and cranny of BC.

The Big Caboose, is described by FBC’s Brewers as “an easy drinking red ale, lightly hopped, slightly sweet with a roasted dryness in the finish, it’s a popular choice all year round”. And after its launch back in October 2011, it has indeed become a true FBC favourite and with its recent accolade jumping on board, we look forward to a Caboose filled winter.                               

As October continues on, Fernie Brewing Co. is looking forward to seeing the arrival of avid snow fans from around the globe. Fernie is on the map for skiing and FBC looks forward to another winter gaining, educating and watering many a craft beer fan this winter…

For immediate release, October 2012 – Abi Moore