"Coast to Coaster"

To celebrate Canada Day fast approaching, Manitoba Liquor Marts are running a "Coast to Coaster" beer event, to celebrate fine craft beers from across Canada! This event is running from June15th - July 12th, or until stocks last...

Luckily for us, FBC's What the Huck - Huckleberry Wheat Ale was chosen to be a part of their line up for this event, much to the delight of many of the FBC fans we met at the recent Flatlanders Beer Festival.

"Canadians love their beer and with good reason. We brew some of the best in the world. The Coast to Coaster festival features beer from over 30 Canadian craft breweries - from Vancouver Island to Nova Scotia and as far north as the Yukon. A selection of these Canadian craft beers will be available at select Liquor Marts, Liquor Vendors, hotel beer vendors, restaurants and pubs."

For full info and to download your Passport to Beer, head here.

And to see where FBC's What the Huck is available in Manitoba Liquor Marts, as part of this promotional event only, head here.