FBC Takes a Walk to the Wild Side

(Fernie, BC) – Considering the town they call home has an ever increasing and eclectic variety of restaurants, bars and specialty stores making Fernie a gourmet gastro paradise, it seems fitting that Fernie Brewing Company’s unique products are taking a walk to the wild side. They may be relatively small (but perfectly formed), yet as their range of products continue to grow, along with their sales throughout BC and more recently Alberta, it seems FBC are a snowballin’ ahead what’s predicted as another La Niña winter. Good for beer and snow enthusiasts.

FBC has demonstrated their abilities within BC and it now seems more Albertans are welcoming Fernie Brewing Co with open arms. Whether sampling at bar or from the comfort of their couch, an increasing amount of FBC products and enthusiasts are cropping up in the neighbouring province.

It seems some happy sippers have located FBC brews on a visit to Fernie. This goes hand in hand with recent reports showing Fernie is up and coming in the fine food market. With Fernie’s Craft Brewery adding to the town’s wealth of food and beverage options, drawing people in from Alberta and further afield. Whereas others have come across FBC’s finest on their doorstep and have never looked back it seems. With more and more Calgary Bars and Restaurants adding FBC’s What the Huck – Huckleberry Wheat Ale, The Griz Pale Ale or First Trax Brown Ale to their impressive array of Craft Beer thirst quenching options, it’s clear that FBC is excelling in an ever expanding and seemingly very satisfied market over the border.

Most recently, ToqueandCanoe.com regaled the delights of What the Huck being poured in Calgary and they aren’t the first. Beer bloggers, talkative twitterers, facebook addicts and journalists seem to delight in spreading the Fernie love that little bit further east, into a whole new market of educated craft beer drinkers, where a popular bar scene and craft beer appropriate income and interest can be found. As this most recent article articulates the benefits of a name, those at FBC simply love the thought of people laughing over ordering a “What the Huck”, watching their smile soon turn to a satisfying smirk as they discover the beer with the catchy name, makes for a top taste too. It could quite possibly be the best tasting joke out there.

And it’s not just Albertans who are tucking into the delights of BC, Fernie Brewing fends off regular pleas from the States, as far as Ontario and even further overseas pleading for FBC products. Although there are no moves at present to expand any further, continuing to concentrate efforts closer to home, it’s certainly a case of watch this space.

Always happy to share the love, FBC is excited that Albertans are getting a strong liking for Fernie’s beer as well as their snow. Although don’t mess about, or Fernie could be fresh out of Huck and First Trax this winter.

For immediate release, November 18th, 2011 – Abi Moore