As summer is now a distant memory, and the trails are more muddy with a dusting of snow, than the preferred tacky riding conditions, the 2016 Trail to Ale Challenge is officially closed for the season!

In its inaugural year, we saw near on 150 bikers, hikers and runners complete the ~50km challenge, taking them to some of Fernie's favourite and challenging peaks - Hyperventilation, P9 and Swine Flu - in a 24hr period.

After its success, there are already cries for a winter version, as well as some eager folks already enquiring about next year's challenge. The good news it, it will of course return - with plans already in the works to switch things up a bit, possibly with a bonus peak! And, as for a winter version, watch this space.

Huge thanks to everyone who took part in this year's challenge. The relieved, sweaty and smiling faces that fell into our Tasting Room after a great day on the trails, were fantastic to see. And so great to see such a huge collection of bikes parked outside, whilst their owners claimed their medal (or rather "woodal") and free beer.

For full details on this year's challenge, head here.

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