Prizes for Porter

(Fernie, BC) – With fall supposedly just around the corner, FBC is pretty excited at switching out their flip-flops for toques, as with a change in season, come new and exciting products to add to their already delicious and increasingly award winning FBC line up. Taste buds throughout BC and Alberta are all of a tickle at the thought of what delicacies are in the works.

FBC’s Sap Sucker – Maple Porter has grabbed the attention of many a flavoured beer enthusiast since its first year. From the educated craft beer drinker to the inquisitive, it pleases many a pallet. And judging by FBC’s most recent accolade, it appears to have pleased the judges at The 2011 Canadian Brewing Awards too, snapping up Gold in the Special Honey/Maple Lager or Ale Category. FBC are pleased as punch. Or in fact, Porter.

Back at its launch in December 2010, one of FBC’s brewers explained: “Porter style beer came about with the Industrial Revolution in England. A working man’s (or woman’s) beer, it’s sure to fill the void after a hard day’s skiing, er…I mean labour. To add to the dark malt flavor of this beer, we said what the huck and kept it Canadian eh, with a touch of pure maple syrup to create what we like to call Sap Sucker”. It left the brewery in perfect timing for those thirsty needs that generally accompany the season of good will and hasn’t stopped since, standing proud on the shelves next to its fine but contrasting compadre, What the Huck – Huckleberry Wheat Ale.

Meanwhile, over in the canning department, imagine cozy dark evenings, brisk dog walks, slippers and snow on the mountain tops, accompanied by a caramel fused easy drinking red ale that goes by the name of Big Caboose. Named after the familiar sounding trains that roll through Fernie, the Big Caboose Ale will be available as a 6-pack and as part of FBC’s new Winter Sampler – which will also contain Buck Wild Ale, Griz Pale Ale and the Award Winning First Trax Brown Ale, perfect for the thirsty indecisive. Both will be on the shelves by the end of this month.

In addition, you will soon also see the return of FBC’s turkey appropriate seasonal delicacy. In September 2010, with Thanksgiving and Halloween fast approaching, FBC’s creative brewers came up with a delectable recipe for that of a hearty Pumpkin Brown Ale, which was suitably branded with the name Pumpkin Head. It proved a hit and flew off the shelves quicker than Harry Potter in a game of Quidditch.

Now to quell any concerns over what to serve at this year’s family dinner, Pumpkin Head is indeed returning, in its familiar and generously portioned 650ml bottle. Stemming from FBC’s Award Winning First Trax Brown Ale, but instead brewed with pumpkins, cinnamon, nutmeg & spices it won’t hang around for long, so fly down to your local store and stock up early October.

So in short, whether you fall for a Prizewinning Porter, a Relaxing Red, a Harmonious Huck or a Popular Pumpkin, FBC thinks you’ll find your perfect partner this upcoming season. Prepare to fall head over heels. For further info on products and availability, please contact the Brewery.

For immediate release, September 2011 – Abi Moore