Spring is a hopping at Fernie Brewing Co.

(Fernie, BC) – FBC is all of a hop.  And we could be hopping for some time at this rate.  Fresh off the back of a successfully stomped snow and Sap Sucker winter, we’re fast developing another new product to hit the shelves in time for the first taste of spring sunshine.

It seems even the early spring rain can’t dampen our spirits as along with our new exciting product we have the joys of newly revamped packaging, an updated look, FBC logo and more…

Fernie Brewing has made quite the array of developments since its move to the new brewery location in summer 2007.  A new brewery, triple the size of its initial location also saw the inclusion of a state of the art water filtration system to ensure every cold beer tastes as good as the next, a welcoming and popular tasting room with a wide selection of FBC merchandise on sale and weekly tours to offer everyone a piece of the action.  Not to mention a few samples to wet the whistle.  More recently it has also seen the introduction of our bottling machine (lovingly named xxx), in May 2010, allowing us to create small batches of seasonal delicacies (with fantastic names, even if we do say so ourselves) to keep you coming back for more.

But this spring and summer will see a whole new shake up.  We are launching our new canned product that will be available in 6-packs as well as our new FBC Summer Sampler.  It goes by the name of Buck Wild Ale.  “With a touch of wheat and lightly hopped, this golden blond ale will make a perfectly crisp and refreshing summer addition to your day” says our eloquent Brewers.  After a number of intensely satisfying tastings we can’t wait to see the new cans leave the building.  We’ll be sad to see them go.  Buck Wild will be available throughout BC and in Alberta from May 2011.  As the can states, “It’s time to get Buck Wild”.  And we couldn’t agree more. Available, May 2011.

Mountain Brewed for Mountain Legends Who Deserve. 

For immediate release, April 2011 – Abi Moore