Update: Back to Original Trail to Ale Route, effective June 5, 2019


Effective today: June 5, 2019

We've received the call from the good folks at the Fernie Trails Alliance - the new Swine Flu climb is OPEN. So that means, effective today, we are back to the original route for our Trail to Ale Challenge. You folks are on it, we've received many emails, messages & texts, asking about the route - you're a passionate bunch of Trail to Alers, we love it!

The Trail to Ale Challenge is:

1) Hyperventilation

2) Project 9

3) Swine Flu - utilizing the new uphill completed in June 2019

Bike, run, hike within a 24 hour period...then beer! Sounds fabulous!

Shout out to the Fernie Trails Alliance for working hard on all our behalf, cheers to you!