We’re Brewing Up a Business!

(Fernie, BC) – Things at Fernie Brewing Company are busy!  In fact, so busy, that we had to build ourselves a new Brewhouse!  Fernie Brewing Company’s new Brewhouse is in the Ghostrider Subdivision, at 26 Manitou Road on the East side of Fernie.  The new location is triple the size of their previous space with new Fermentation tanks for increased production.  A state of the art water filtration system has been installed. The new Brewhouse hosts a nicely appointed Tasting Room to sample their handcrafted brews.  A Retail Store with Fernie Brewing Paraphanalia.  The retail store is now open for business, and tours will begin soon.

Some might be wondering – what took them so long to move?  “We’ve been brewing like crazy!”  Don Moore, Fernie Brewing’s Head Brewer.  “Strong Summer sales in Victoria and the Lower Mainland made it nearly impossible for us to shut down for the move.  But, we took the plunge and now all production is happening at the new Brewhouse.”  Fernie Brewing Company sells its 6-pack cans throughout all of BC and Alberta.  In fact, they have hired 2 Sales Agencies in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island to promote their products

Their new location is conveniently located along the highway, entering Fernie.  “Our highway location will give our brand great exposure”, says Lenka Hawrys, Marketing Manager for Fernie Brewing Company, “now everyone driving through our town will see the Fernie Brewing Company name.  It’s great incentive to try it on tap at our local restaurants & pubs.  And hopefully they’ll remember Fernie Brewing Company when they see it on the shelves at their local Liquor Store in Calgary or Victoria.

With the expansion of the brewery, Fernie Brewing will be launching their new Rocky Mountain Genuine Lager in 6-pack cans, just in time for the Transrockies Race in Fernie.  With their new water filtration and a new recipe, the Lager is a crisp, refreshing brew.

Fernie Brewing Company will be attending Canada’s Largest Beer Festival the Great Canadian Beer Festival in Victoria, on September 7 & 8th.  Since attending last year’s festival, Fernie Brewing Company’s sales on Vancouver Island have quadrupled.  “Quote Murray”.

Fernie Brewing Company is located in Fernie, British Columbia (pop. 5000), a small mountain town situated in the BC Rockies.  This coal mining town has long been known for being an adventurer’s dream, with skiing, mountain biking and world class fly-fishing at your doorstep.  The brewery was established in 2003 and is a small batch brewery driven by passion and pride about quality beermaking. All of our handcrafted ales & lagers are brewed locally, using Rocky Mountain spring water and premium all-natural ingredients with no preservatives.

Fernie Brewing Company premium ales and lagers are on tap throughout the Kootenays.  6-pack cans are now available throughout British Columbia and Alberta Liquor Stores.

For Immediate Release Aug. 7, 2007 – Lenka Kosmak