Fernie Brewing Co.


Primary Logo

Our Primary Logo is our Fernie Brewing Co. shield. A core part of our brand that is very recognizable. Our shield is primarily used in black or white.

Secondary Logo

Our secondary logo is our FBC Stamp, which is used on our Packaging and across Marketing Material, in a variety of colour schemes.

A number of FBC logo options can be found via the link below.

Fernie Brewing Co.

Fonts & Colour Palette


We use a variety of fonts, including Loew Regular, Loew Black, DIN Condensed and Filmotype Glenlake


We have a large colour palette, relating to our extensive Packaging lineup.

Please reach out for more information, via the link below.

Fernie Brewing Co.

Packaging Shots

We have professional renderings of all our packaging – from single serves to 6-packs; cartons to 4-packs.

All renderings are available in a variety of formats, to work for any print or digital need.

Up to date FBC product shots can be found via the link below.

People crossing the street in Fernie, showcasing the FBC brand

People crossing the street in Fernie, showcasing the FBC brand

Fernie Brewing Co.

Marketing Shots

Photography plays a large part in our brand and marketing – representing not just Fernie Brewing Co., but our small-mountain town charm, vibe and lifestyle.

We work with a number of local photographers, to ensure we have an extensive database of photography assets available, for any need and any season.

FBC product shots can be found via the link below. *We ask for all shots to be correctly credited to the Photographer – please reach out for clarification.*

Fernie Brewing Co.

Promotional Material


We are more than happy to create a variety of customized POS for your account – ranging from Posters to shelf talkers; table tents to menus and more.

Please reach out to your FBC Sales Representative, or contact our Marketing Department direct for more information.

Fernie Brewing Co.

Social Media

We have an active Social Media presence, across several platforms. Our main goal is strong storytelling, using a variety of media – while supporting and promoting those, who in turn support us.

We are always happy to assist with the promotion of all accounts – both draft and packaged sales – that carry FBC products.

Please reach out to our Social Media guru, via the below link.

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