A woman bouldering outdoors.

A woman bouldering outdoors.

Cranbrook, BC

Heather Burrows

Heather is a mom of two little kids and is a passionate rock-climber, outdoor adventurer, and traveller. Its been a balancing act the past few years to get adventuring in between nap times, but Heather made sure to take full advantage of her maternity leave travelling and climbing with her husband, babies, and friends.

The coolest thing she’s ever done was a 10-month road trip from Calgary to Ushuaia, Argentina, with her now-husband, climbing and surfing along the way. She can’t wait for another epic adventure of this magnitude – this time with kids in tow.

In Heather’s “spare time” she has developed a women’s climbing program at Arq Mountain Center in Cranbrook, with the intention of building skills, fostering community and spreading stoke.

Heather’s favourite FBC brews are What the Huck and Finish Line.

Photo credit: @drewmagoo66

A man outside in winter smiling and holding a snowboard.

A man outside in winter smiling and holding a snowboard.

Calgary, AB

Landon Jones

From the snowy peaks to the rugged trails, Landon is always looking for the next adrenaline-fueled adventure in the heart of Alberta’s (and BC’s) wilderness. As a passionate snowboarder turned splitboarding connoisseur, he’s carved his way from competitive slopestyle to the thrill of big mountain riding, exploring untouched slopes and hidden pillow lines.

When the snow is present, he’s savouring the ultimate après with a cold What the Huck Berry Ale, indulging in the beauty of adventure’s sweet reward.

And when not carving through snow or navigating mountain trails, he thrives on two wheels, exploring alpine epics on his mountain bike and thrilling moto rides. Every epic ride ends perfectly with the Finish Line (in his opinion!)

Being part of the FBC family means embracing the spirit of après adventures, toasting to epic moments, and representing a brand that embodies the thrill of the journey, he says. The love for FBC beer and the vibrant culture it brings is something he resonates with deeply!

A man buckling up a bike helmet.

A man buckling up a bike helmet.

Edmonton, AB

Hadley Mann

Hadley calls Edmonton home, which boasts a shockingly great single-track trail network and great XC skiing in the winter, he says! He loves to travel through nature on his own two feet, making trail running his core sport of choice.

On top of trail running, he’s a passionate mountain biker, bike-packer, rock climber, and Nordic skier, so basically he dabbles in a bit of everything.

He’s stoked to join Team FBC because he’s had so many epic days finish up at the Brewery and it has become infused in his mind as a place to share the stoke with friends, he says. He’s ended a bikepacking trip, celebrated his first running of the Elk Valley Ultra, and mourned both Sinister 7 DNF’s all at FBC. His go to brews are Hit the Deck or, lately, LOGO non-alc.

The way FBC encourages people to get out and explore and challenge themselves with Trail to Ale aligns with his own values of getting people to experience new and epic things outside, he says.

A woman wearing ski gear on a mountain smiling.

A woman wearing ski gear on a mountain smiling.

Squamish, BC

Soleil Patterson

Soleil was born and raised in the Kootenays in Rossland BC. She’s a retired ski racer who has now transitioned into big-mountain skiing. She competed on the BC Ski Team and the University of Alaska NCAA Ski Team, racing at an elite level for over 6 years. After dedicating most of her life to ski racing, she’s shifted her focus to big-mountain skiing. In recent years, she’s approached skiing from a more artistic perspective and has also pursued a career in ski coaching.

During the summer, she spends her time racing her downhill bike in the BC and Canada Cup circuits throughout BC, which has brought her back to her ski racing roots. Along with her outdoor adventurous lifestyle, she’s also pursuing a degree in Graphic Design through BCIT.

She’s stoked to be a part of the FBC team this year, it’s exciting to be supported by a Kootenay-based company, especially one that celebrates community and spending quality time outdoors, she says.

She’s excited to be able to share some What the Huck with pals this season and enjoy some Java the Hut this winter after long days in the cold.

Photo credit: @ashvoykin

A woman receiving a medal after running a race.

A woman receiving a medal after running a race.

Victoria, BC

Mercedes Vince

Mercedes considers herself lucky to live in the City of Victoria, on Vancouver Island. She works at a tech company for her day job, but outside of work, you will find her trail running, hiking, biking, lifting weights, swimming and just generally enjoying the PNW with her partner, friends and family.

Her favourite way to adventure is definitely running through the mountains and trails, it is where she feels happiest and most alive!

Depending on what she’s feeling, her go-to FBC brew would either be Hit The Deck Hazy IPA or the LOGO Hazy IPA. Can you tell she likes a hazy?

She loves beer, the outdoors, and connecting with the community and FBC is a great representation of combining them all, she says.

A man leaning on a bike.

A man leaning on a bike.

Fernie, BC

Andy Ward

Last, but certainly not least! Originally from Scotland, Andy’s been in the valley for about 8 years, and has settled into mountain life with his wife and son. He’s gone back and forth from career bartender to stay-at-home parent a few times and landed on a retail job that lets him focus on family and bikes…lots of bikes. He says he’s privileged to be the Fernie local on the team.

He loves to explore from his front door, immersed in the landscape on two wheels. Winter is Fatbike season and you can find him floating along Fernie’s incredible winter trail network or along the Kootenay’s snow-covered back roads. Summertime is for bike-packing and whether it is a short overnighter with the family or a ludicrous solo adventure, he encourages you all to strap a tent to your rig and give it a go!

In his time in the valley, he’s gone from a rookie mountain biker to an ultra-distance cyclist, completing the BC Epic 1000 twice in under 3 days, and holds the event record for Cranbrook’s Lost Elephant Ultra.

He’s on a quest to reduce his alcohol consumption to improve his performance and maintain his immune system that is often deeply depleted. He says LOGO Hazy IPA has helped him on this journey and FBC has made him feel included. Welcome to the team, Andy.


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