Group of bikers at summit of Project 9 trail in Fernie BC.

Group of bikers at summit of Project 9 trail in Fernie BC.

what is trail to ale™?


Launched in the summer of 2016, FBC’s Trail to Ale™ Challenge is a popular and fun, mountain and beer-filled Fernie adventure. And, while a tough day on the trails awaits, the views, glory and cold beer is worth every stroke or step.

The Challenge consists of bagging three peaks, on bike or foot in any order, within a 24hr period. Open to bikers, runners or hikers, you have to get to the top of Hyperventilation, Project 9 and Swine Flu, within the 24hr time limit.

Of course you have to ‘prove it’ with timestamped selfies, so be sure to snap a shot when you start, then at the 3 Trail to Ale™ on-trail signs, as well as at the Brewery upon finishing. Once the 5 pieces of photographic evidence has been shared with the Tasting Room team, you will be rewarded with a cold beer and a #TrailToAleFernie2021 sticker.

Please note that effective Sept. 13, 2021 – proof of vaccination AND government issued ID is required to have a seat in our Tasting Room and enjoy a beer. Please remember to bring these with you to claim your Trail to Ale beer. If you do NOT have the required documents, our Tasting Room team will provide you with an I Owe You card so that you can return to the Tasting Room at another time.

The purchase of (more) salty nuts, is optional.


The 3 peaks may be completed in any order, and you may start wherever and whenever you wish. However, you must finish at Fernie Brewing Co., within a 24hr period – and have all 5 timestamped pictures ready to show the Tasting Room crew. Expect your total bike, run or hike to be around 40km and 1,200m ascent, depending on what route you take.

Group of bikers at summit of Project 9 trail in Fernie BC.

Location: Mt. Fernie Provincial Park
Distance: 5.5km + Ascent: 280m + Descent: 332m


Bikers riding Hyperventilation trail in Fernie BC.

Location: Castle Rocks
Distance: 3.8km + Ascent: 469m + Descent: 350m


Group of bikers at summit of Swine Flu trail in Fernie BC.

Location: Mt. Proctor
Distance: 6.5km + Ascent: 209m + Descent: 365m


2021 trail to ale sticker

2021 trail to ale sticker

know before you go


  • There’s no charge to take part, but we ask all participants to purchase their Fernie Trails Pass, from the Fernie Trails Alliance – for the safety of both the participant and landowners – via the link below.
  • Please follow the Fernie Trails Alliance COVID Trail Etiquette. Avoid taking on in a large group, or adventuring out with your skill level.
  • The 3 peaks can be accomplished in any order, but challengers must bike or run the whole way, from start to finish – if hiking, you are allowed to drive to the trail heads.
  • Your 5 photos need to be timestamped – this includes the 3 peaks + start + finish – include all Challengers, and all the Trail to Ale™ signs.
  • Once you’ve finished at the Brewery, show your 5 time stamped photos to our Tasting Room team, and you will be rewarded with a beer and a #TrailToAleFernie2021 sticker!

NEW FOR 2021!

Don’t panic, you still get your FREE beer + sticker.


Fernie Brewing Co. assumes no liability for individuals participating in the Trail to Ale™ Challenge. Before you go, please have a read of the below, and ensure this challenge is the challenge for you…

Please ensure this is within your capabilities. Participate at your own risk.

We highly recommend you do this with a friend, but if you’re going solo, always let a friend know where you’re going and when you’re expected to be back

Fernie is in wildlife country – be animal smart and know what to do if you encounter animals. For more information on how to stay safe, head to Wildsafe BC.

We’ve had a number of (very capable) teens participate in this challenge – if this is in their wheelhouse, they are more than welcome – and shall be rewarded with a cold non-alcoholic beverage!

Know where to go! Download Trailforks so you have a map and can check the status/condition of all trails before you go. Please respect the trails.

Download Trailforks

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Trails to ale.

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