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March has landed, and to announce this new, often epic month of skiing, here’s our third athlete interview, featuring Dylan Siggers.

Dylan, a Fernie local, (like yes, legit local), has supported FBC long before the announcement of our first ever Team FBC, back in April 2020 – to launch our first low ABV beer Finish Line Hazy Pale with Lime.

A skier a biker and a filmmaker, we touched base to hear about his latest project, and what’s coming up…

Photo credits to: Dylan Siggers @dylansiggers and @tarplizard



FBC: How has your year been?

Dylan: Pretty good, all things considering! COVID has definitely forced me to explore Fernie more – discovering tons of stuff here in my hometown, like sledding and just new stuff…

Not being able to hang out sucks, but it’s been pretty normal other than that! And way less stressful, just being in one place.


skis above big snowy runFBC: So all in all, a successful winter?

Dylan: (Answering from chairlift, while it’s dumping…) Ha yes, it’s been a good day! Lots of good days. Even during the cold snap, there was lots of sledding and loads of great filming. Then time for production, when the skiing wasn’t so good.


FBC: We’re chatting with Dylan, after the recent launch of his latest film.

“The return of the Burrrlapz continues! In their second episode of 2021, Dylan Siggers, Lokal Dave, and Josh Mcskimming venture over to Revelstoke to meet up with friends Garrett Capel and Janelle Yip. Amongst bluebird skies and deep – and we mean deeeep – snow, the crew gets after pillow lines that will have you frothing with jealousy. Melodic pillows are the theme of this powder piece.”

It’s true, it is literally just that.


FBC: What was the main goal of this film?

Dylan: It was all about finding the goods, and building a film around that. Luckily it turned out to be the perfect amount and type of snow for pillow lines – a bit of fresh show, sun and great snow stability.


FBC: So, as spring is knocking on the door, you more of a skis or bikes guy?

camera and snowDylan: Skis are my career, my identity and lifestyle. It may not always seem so, but it takes a lot of time to curate a ski video. And this year, yeah, I’m excited for bikes and dirt! They are equally as fun…


FBC: What’s up next?

Dylan: Next up, we’re working towards a fall 2021 release – more of a movie, and depending on COVID, a premiere and bigger event. Watch this space for more…


FBC: What’s on the summer schedule?

Dylan: Play music, IN BARS! If you don’t know our band, Electric Blanket, check us out.


Thanks Dylan, for the #FernieStoke and the whole lot of love for your hometown Brewery! If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Burrrlapz | Beat Pad – A Powder Skiing Art Project, below. And of course, Electric Blanket.

Then get out an enjoy that spring skiing…



More content and stoke from Dylan, can be found here.

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