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Get ready for episode four of our Team FBC Interview series! For this episode, we want to introduce you to someone who truly epitomizes the spirit of outdoor exploration and thrill-seeking. Meet Brendan, a self-proclaimed adrenaline enthusiast who lives for the excitement of skiing, biking, kayaking, and climbing. Let’s dive into Brendan’s love for these heart-pumping activities and discover what fuels his passion for the great outdoors!



FBC:  You’re our year-round athlete of Team FBC, skiing in winter, kayaking and biking in summer. How did you get into these sports?

Brendan: I’ve always skied with my family ever since I grew up. I was really lucky growing up in Calgary and having Lake Louise nearby. My parents were ski friends, so that’s how we got into skiing as a family. They volunteered. So, I was just able to ski a ton as a kid and have since fallen back in love with it in the last few years with backcountry skiing and getting out with friends more. So, skiing’s always been part of my life.

And then kayaking is a bit of a longer story. I used to race Flatwater Canoe Kayak, actually with Kevin Symington, one of your brewers. I stopped doing that in a competitive way about 10 years ago now. A lot of my friends had gotten into Whitewater Kayaking as a more recreational kind of fun hangout – it’s a more beer-friendly environment. I started doing that and enjoying it a lot more than training crazy hard, having a schedule, and competing.

For biking, I actually just bought my first bike last year, so I’ve been getting out with friends a lot. I went to Fernie a bunch last year and did Trail to Ale twice. I’ve just been enjoying the exercise I get out of biking.


FBC: Have you been on any exciting missions? What was the best thing about winter for you?

Brendan: I’ll be honest, this winter has been pretty boring for me. I’ve been volunteering with ski patrol and getting out on the mountain that way. It’s been cool to be a part of the mountain safety conversation and the morning avalanche chat every day. But as far as backcountry travel, I haven’t got out much. High risk, low reward. So, it’s kind of a boring answer on that one. It takes so much extra planning, skill, and everything else to have a good day this winter. It just didn’t come together for me. But I had some good “walk around in the valley bottom” kind of days to get in the fitness and enjoy the snow. Just not too much mountain shredding, but that’s okay – hopefully next winter!


FBC: Are you already looking forward to summer? Do you have any big trips or adventures planned?

Brendan: I actually just sat down the other day and planned out all my trips for the summer. There are definitely some exciting things coming up. I’ve also been getting into a bit of climbing lately, mostly gym climbing. But I’ve got a lot of friends that like going outdoors, sport climbing, and they do some trad climbing as well. But I think I’ll be starting with sport climbing.

I plan to go to Squamish in August to do some biking and climbing. And then, I’ll also go to Tofino in June to do some surfing and more hiking on the Comox side. So, a few fun trips coming up!  And then lots of little bike trips in between, camping, biking in Fernie, and hopefully two biking weekends at Silver Star.

Lots of biking! And then kayaking plans are just starting to come together now. It’ll be very busy!


FBC: Where is your favourite kayaking spot?

Brendan: It’s tough to say – I’ve got a couple of good spots. My favourite would be the Kananaskis River. It’s really nice because it’s dam controlled so they can set the flow. It means you’re able to get the same river all year round with the same conditions, depending on what time of the day you go. You just have to match their schedule on when and how they adjust the flow.


FBC: You mentioned that you’re getting into climbing now. Are there any other sports that you’d like to try out?

Brendan: Oh man, I don’t think my wallet can handle any more sports. I thought three was enough, but four…  Four is definitely going to tap it out. Between skiing, kayaking, biking, and now climbing, that’ll be my wallet fully tapped out for sure.


FBC: I think we are already at the last question! What advice would you give to people who want to get into sports like backcountry skiing, kayaking, biking, or climbing?

Brendan: The first step would be making sure you’re doing the sport safely. Going to your local retailer and talking to them, getting their take on things. Often, they have courses available. As far as backcountry skiing, there are groups that do guided trips into low-risk areas, and they’ll have recommendations on where to rent gear. Same for kayaking – you can rent gear with the course and get out and learn the basics. It’s super important to have fun in a safe way – you never want to compromise safety just to get out on the river. Safety is number one for all those sports!

Brendan’s zest for adventure is contagious, and his passion for skiing, biking, kayaking, and climbing is truly inspiring. A big thank you to Brendan for taking the time to let us dive into his life!

So, if you’re seeking your next adrenaline rush, take a page out of Brendan’s book and go on your own adventure!

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