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A wheelie wheelie-awesome donation

Written by Fernie Brewing Co.

Just like that, it’s a new year and a new recipient is on the Cheers to Charity board. However, even bigger news perhaps is that our Cheers to Charity donation amount has topped the $200k mark, at $201,007.33! This is a huge feat, since Cheers to Charity’s beginnings back in December of 2013, and we thank everyone who has stopped in for a flight!

Our recent recipient was Fernie Skateboard Club, a local non-profit organization. “Our objective is to promote awareness and gain local support, in order to generate funding for a new skatepark facility. We stand behind an ethos of equality and progression In a supportive, inclusive and encouraging environment.

The Fernie skatepark is in dire need for an upgrade to its facility, any support will be greatly appreciated. Local and surrounding communities will benefit greatly from this new project and we hope to get everyone involved, creating a safe and fun environment for all ages and abilities.”

Thanks to some supportive visitors over the festive period, we raised a total of $3,242.25 for this deserving non-profit.

Who’s on the board now, you ask? Another very deserving organization, Fernie Adaptive Snowsports-F.I.R.E. who will be on the board until mid-February.

“Fernie Adaptive Snowsports-F.I.R.E is a not for profit society which allows individuals of all abilities the opportunity to enjoy snow sports at Fernie Alpine Resort. With the support of our certified volunteer instructors, our goal is to give our students the freedom to ski and snowboard. Thanks to our wonderful sponsors we are able to provide our amazing services at a very affordable cost, making our program easily accessible to all. Whether our students are stand-up skiers/snowboarders or sit skiers, we are prepared to “see the ability” and adapt to their needs.”

Our Tasting Room is open daily, from noon. We look forward to you joining us for a most deserving of beers, soon. Cheers!

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