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Line art of person skinning up a mountain


Introducing Brew No.5 Artist, Megan Henderson

Written by Fernie Brewing Co.

4 pack of Porter cansThis British-Style Porter is the newest addition to our Discovery Series, making its debut last week in our Tasting Room, before heading to select craft-centric stores in the East Koots.

This deliciously dark Porter is brewed with seven specialty malts, including Brown Malt and Chocolate Wheat. In combination with Fuggles hops and Timothy Taylor yeast, this delectable brew gives you a tint of biscuit, nut, and chocolate flavour. You can read more about the Porter, here.

After 4 successful brews in this localized Series, featuring black and white images of our amazing surrounding area, for No. 5 we decided to switch it up from photos to artwork.

Introducing, artist No.1, for Brew No.5. Megan Henderson. Based in Vernon, but Megan spends many days skiing and loving life in Fernie! Her can design is inspired by her sister touring up Mount Hosmer and the early morning missions to salvage the fresh, (or not so fresh) lines for the day. Megan’s inspiration stems from the amazing geography of Fernie alongside the quality skiing.

“My art has varied over the years, but I find an abundance of inspiration in mountains and outdoors. I’ve been skiing since I was 1 and a half, so I have grown up around the mountains my whole life and art, like skiing, is just another creative outlet I find value in.

Art has always just been a hobby and I’ve enjoy experimenting with a multitude of mediums like wood, paint, ink and most recently pottery and digital art. I’ve accumulated multiple injuries and a few knee surgeries over the years (mostly due to skiing…), and art is something I’ve been able to feed my energy into when I’m meant to be taking those recovery days.

Since graduating high school last year I’ve been able to explore more creative opportunities and after my latest knee surgery this summer, I’ve had a lot more down time for art and have received more opportunities for professional work which I’m excited to continue to grow.”

Congrats to Megan! We chose her amazing piece as it resonated with Fernie and the delicious, wintry brew within. A perfect pair if ever there was.


Submissions for Brew No.6 will open in the new year, so be sure to watch social, or sign up for our FBC Monthly Newsletter, via the link in our website footer.


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