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Micah riding in the summer



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Striking a balance between being a full-time student and a sponsored athlete would be a lofty endeavour for most – but for fourth-generation Fernie-ite, Micah Morris, it’s how she rolls.

A lover of Hit the Deck Hazy IPAs, Micah joined #TeamFBC last April to help us celebrate the launch of Finish Line Hazy Pale with Lime – our first low ABV beer.

A master at spreading the #FernieStoke wherever she goes, Micah spends winters trail running and shredding in Fernie, and summers leading women’s mountain biking clinics in Revelstoke.

With school wrapping up for the semester and a long season of biking on the horizon, we sat down with the student-by-day, rider-by-night to chat about her passion for encouraging women to mountain bike, how she manages to fit adventures into her busy schedule, and what’s on the radar this upcoming summer.

Nestle in, crack a cold one, and read on for our sixth athlete interview…



FBC: With winter officially in the rear-view, how would you say your season went?

Micah: I would say that skiing wasn’t my front focus this season – I’m in college for psychology, starting a degree! I didn’t think I would be in school this year – I thought I would be travelling to New Zealand or something for a bike trip – but it’s been great focusing on school more. I’ve been super busy trying to stay balanced as well.


FBC: How did you manage being a full time student and still finding time to adventure?

Micha: Well I kind of just force certain time for things. I try to run three or four times a week, and I try to make sure I ski on the weekends – so then there’s time slotted in for it. Sometimes I’ll be exhausted and grumpy and not feel like doing anything, but then if I just force myself to go and do a little bit, by the first five minutes I’m glad I did it. You carry on and just keep going.


Micah riding a berm

FBC: So you did some trail running throughout the winter?

Micah: Yeah, I actually invested in a pair of Icebugs – they’re shoes with spikes on the bottom, so I run all the time on the trails up in the park here. I run mostly with my mom, but it makes it way better than just running on the road.


FBC: How about shredding – did you get to do any ski trips, or mostly just hang out on the resort this year?

Micah: Right before I got into the depths of my schooling, I did a few ski touring days out at Harvey, which was really fun. I had probably my best powder day really early season! But for the most part I was just up at the ski hill, which was great too. I think this season was a bit of an interesting one for snow, so it didn’t make me feel stressed out that I was missing out on too much.


FBC: FOMO can certainly get hard sometimes! What are you looking forward to come summertime?

Micah: So I’m moving back to Revelstoke, and I’ll be mountain bike coaching and guiding again – which is awesome. I’m also back with Juliana as an ambassador again this season, which I’m stoked about. So yeah, just really excited to get back to Revy and get back into the swing of things there.


FBC: What’s Juliana?

Micah: Juliana is a women’s mountain bike brand – it’s the sister of Santa Cruz Bicycles – and their mission is to get more women out riding. My job with Wandering Wheels, the company I work for, is to run all the women-run clinics. My passion is making sure as many women get out riding as possible, and are enjoying it! I want to provide a space where it’s fun, and not intimidating.Micah mountain biking


FBC: That’s amazing! so do you think you’ll be in Revelstoke for a while?

Micah: Well if all goes to plan I’ll be in Victoria next winter for school, which would actually be sweet because there’s awesome mountain biking there – and gravel riding too!


FBC: A winter spent riding bikes… sounds like a dream! If you had to pick between mountain biking and skiing, could you pick one?

Micah: It used to be both. I might get in trouble for saying this… but it just might be mountain biking now!


And that wraps up our sixth athlete interview. Thanks so much Micah for letting us in on some of your #FernieStoke!

Micah mountain bike contest

To stay in the loop with the latest and greatest of Micah’s adventures, follow her Instagram @micah_morris.

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