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Written by FBC Social

After a lap around the sun chock-full of hut trips and summits, trail runs and gravel grinds, our first ever Team FBC officially made it to the Finish Line! Girl laying down on snow

What started as an idea to celebrate being born and brewed in the mountains, turned into a team of eight adventure-seeking, dirt-loving, snow-chasing athletes that helped us share our passion for mountain living and craft beer.

With a solid year of bucket-list-checking under their belts, we felt it was time to switch things up, and add a few new members to the team!

As such, we are once again on the hunt for a handful of adventurous souls, keen to celebrate their escapades with us.

BTeam member morgan ski touringut, what’s the catch? Don’t worry, there’s no fine print here – all we ask from our athletes is that they share the stoke! In exchange for some wicked content, we kit our team out with FBC swag; support their athletic and adventurous endeavours; return the social love; connect them with some  like-minded, soon-to-be friends; and of course, let them enjoy some cold ones on us.

This coming year, we’re excited to form a Team that’s as diverse as our beer portfolio, covering a wide range of sports and outdoor adventures, from mountain to coast.Team mambers biking at sunset

But be warned…while we may be looking out for different stories, interests, and abilities, one thing remains constant – our team members like to earn it, before they drink it.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Head to the link below. Application period is open from Sunday April 18 – April 30 at 11:59pm.



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