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Team FBC member Bhawna jumping in front of a sunset



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From backcountry hiking to paddle-boarding, fishing to canoeing, Bhawna Retty and her partner in crime, Tyler Retty, are what we call exploring extraordinaires. Girl swinging hair on top of a car

As passionate about High Side Saison as they are about getting lost in the mountains, the Rettys became #TeamFBC members this past June, and have inspired us with their passion for adventure and wilderness ever since.

Originally from Squamish, the duo (alongside their two adorable doggos) are currently based out of Cranbrook, with Bhawna working at a law firm and Tyler for CP. When not behind desks, you can find this power couple exploring their backyards by canoe, foot, overlander, and everything in between.

So pour yourself a cold one, settle into your lawn chair, and sink into the first #TeamFBC athlete interview of the season.



FBC: You and Tyler are the epitome of backcountry exploration. Where did your passion for getting lost in the mountains come from?

Bhawna:  I’d say my passion for the outdoors really grew with the help of Tyler. He’s always encouraged me to go further and try new things. I’m the first person in my family to be born in Canada, so growing up in a house where my mom, having been raised in India, wasn’t really experienced in the realm of camping, canoeing, paddle boarding, hiking and so on, I wasn’t really immersed in it. Tyler has been a great teacher in that aspect for me. For example, my first time on a paddle board was with him, and my first big camping trip was with him. So thanks to him, I’ve now found something I’m passionate about.


FBC: But of course, no adventure is complete without your dogs, right…

Bhawna: The pups are what keep us going. Lets be honest, if we didn’t get up early on weekends or spend late nights out trying to find hidden gems out here in the Kootenays, Aspen would probably bark her head off. Aspen is my whole heart. I like to call her my soul dog. She is 3 years old now and the most adventurous, moody, determined, smart and crazy little thing I’ve ever met. I never knew I was missing her until she joined our family. Now, we cant imagine a day or adventure without little Miss Attitude. Bärli is our newest little addition. He’s just 6 months old now and has already surpassed his sister in size. We like to call him our loveable loaf. He is so beyond goofy and he lives to make anyone smile. If you’re looking for a cuddle, he’s your guy. If you’re looking to be viciously attacked, he’s also your guy.


Team FBC member dogs hanging out of a window

FBC: It’s safe to say they’re the unofficial tenth and eleventh members of Team FBC. Do the four of you have any big summer plans?

Bhawna: The goal for this summer is to camp as much as possible, just because we can’t really do big hikes with the puppy since it could lead to growth and developmental issues with him down the road because he’s so young. So while he works on growing, we’ll just camp as a pack! Our big trip for this summer is a trip up to the Yukon. We’re planning on road tripping out there and camping along the way. We still have some bits to plan out, but we are beyond stoked!


FBC: It seems like the four of you are always camping in the most picturesque spots. How do you find those gems?

Bhawna: We’ve really gotten into overlanding and going camping in obscure places. Something we’ve always done is go onto Google Maps or into one of our backcountry map books and try to pinpoint a location that ‘feels’ right. It could be somewhere high up, somewhere with an alpine lake, or somewhere that seems to be an open field with clear views around it. We find our spot and trek out to it. Sometimes it’s a hit, sometimes it’s a bust! Beats sitting at home though.


FBC: That it does. I’m sure you’ve made some pretty incredible memories on all your adventures. Any trips that stand out?

Man on a mountain pointing out into the wildernessBhawna: We once randomly decided to drive to Alaska. Up and down in 4 days. We explored an unreal glacier, camped along the way, saw way too many bears, a wolverine, a mouse managed to walk across Tyler’s face without waking him up, we fished the Skeena River along the way, and watched the sun set over the ocean. It’s really one of our best memories in a way that’s hard to put into words. The other sorta neat thing we did last year was when we managed to plan a multi-cultural, multi-event wedding from across the province during a global pandemic. So mainly over phone and Zoom, including wedding dress shopping for our traditional East Indian ceremony. Sorta cool? Definitely crazy.


FBC: Sounds like a wild ride! With BC now in Phase Three of its restart plan and things beginning to open up, is there anything else you’re looking forward to this year?

Bhawna: I’ll keep it short and sweet – SNOW. Is it weird to say that the sun drives us crazy?


FBC: Oh, we’re always dreaming of powder over here… Before you go, are there any words you live by, that you’d like to share?

Bhawna: Life is too short to sit and stay. Go get lost – but take the dogs with you!!


Wise words to live by. Thanks Bhawna (and Tyler, Aspen + Bärli) for sharing your #FernieStoke!

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To stay in the loop with the Retty pack’s latest wanderings, check out their Instagram @mtn.retty.

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