BREW No. 6

The Hef

The Hef, Brew No. 6, is a German-style Hefeweizen that dropped in May 2023.

The artist behind the can is Bailey Repp, a Kimberley-based artist dedicated to wildlife and wild places. Her design, “The Banana Slinger,” was aptly inspired by the Kootenay wilderness and spring vibes.

This hazy, wheaty German classic is brewed with Hallertau Mittelfrüh hops that give the Hefeweizen a mild, yet spicy aroma with floral and citrus notes. Paired with German Hefeweizen strain, the Hef is the perfect companion for all your spring adventures. Boasting banana and clove notes that bring the sun right to your taste buds.

BREW No. 5


Brew No. 5 is a British-style Porter that made its debut in November 2022.

Designed by Megan Anderson, the can is the first in the Discovery Series to feature artwork rather than photography. The inspiration behind the design comes from the amazing geography of Fernie and our town’s quality skiiing.

This deliciously dark Porter is brewed with seven specialty malts, including Brown Malt and Chocolate Wheat. In combination with Fuggles hops and Timothy Taylor yeast, you get a hint of biscuit, nut, and chocolate flavour. Sitting at 4% ABV and boasting a deep ruby colour and balanced bitterness, it’s traditional and ever-so drinkable, with little residual sweetness.

BREW No. 4


Brew No. 4 is a Grisette, which launched in August 2022.

The can features a beautiful shot of mountains reflected in the water at Elk Lakes, taken by Brigid Scott @rockymountainscrambler.

Refreshing, approachable, and low in alcohol, the Grisette is reminiscent of other farmhouse ales, like Saisons. Perle, along with a late addition of Saphir and Celeia hops boost this brew with aromas of tangerine, citrus and spice. Complemented by a restrained noble hop bitterness, an addition of Saison Maison yeast brings hints of farmhouse spice and esters, while four malts add pronounced grain flavour.

BREW No. 3


Brew No. 3 is a Kölsch-style Ale, which dropped in May 2022.

The can features a dramatic shot of Mount Bisaro’s summit, taken at first light by local photographer, Jack Creevy @creevy.

Light, refreshing, and crisp, this clean German-style Ale exhibits a delicate balance between slight amounts of fruity esters and noble hop character. Keeping things traditional, refreshing, and balanced, it’s the perfect summertime brew, boasting a sessionable ABV of 4.8 and IBU of 21.

BREW No. 2


Brew No. 2 is a Schwarzbier, which launched in February 2022.

Taken by local photographer, Danyal Taylor @danyaltaylor, the can features a snowy aerial shot of Fernie, with the iconic Three Sisters and Mount Fernie in the background.

Brewed with seven specialty malts including Weyermann Pilsner and Blackprinz, expect deliciously subtle chocolate flavours from this dark, malty Lager. An addition of Perle and Hallertau Mittelfruh hops adds light floral hop character, making for a refreshingly clean Lager.

BREW No. 1


Brew No. 1, Best Bitter, launched our Discovery Series in November 2021.

The can features a photo taken by local photographer, Dale Montgomerie @dalemontphoto, that pays homage to those famous Fernie powder days.

Best Bitter boasts a balanced bitterness and medium body. Expect a refreshing low-ABV brew, complemented by low carbonation and a delicious malty flavour, brewed with a range of malts including Amber malt and Maris Otter Pale Ale, along with Fuggles and Celeia hops.

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